Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rogue Brewery Review

With the break in my half marathon training, I'm adding some other topics. I've recently returned from Portland Oregon and I'll be writing about the places I've visited. I'd also like to do some posts on my little neighborhood in Oklahoma City. Finally, I'm hoping to start brewing beer for fun and I think that could be some good blog material. 

Rogue is our favorite brewery in Oregon. They grow their own hops and pumpkins for their beers. They have grown a lot over the years and now have distilleries, pubs, farm and the brewery. We were planning to spend the night at their bed and beer but we changed our mind at the last second. They were understanding and didn't charge us any fees for canceling. 

We are Rogue nation citizens and got our proper ID cards when we went to lunch. Then we bought beer, vodka, and tshirts. Lunch was delicious! 

When you sit down at a table the server immediately brings you a sample of beer. It's such a nice touch and I've not seen another brewery do that. We had to go back for a second lunch before leaving Oregon. I'll finish off with those photos. I would highly recommend you try the following beers: Voodoo Maple Bacon, Moms Hefeweizen, Beard Beer and the Honey Kolsch. 

These are all my opinions and my only compensation was not being charged the full room rate when we canceled the morning of our planned stay. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blogging in real time and selfie Sunday

Some of my favorite bloggers have been writing a post and immediately publishing it. I'm a mobile blogger and all my posts are in real time. 

Thanksgiving, I ran the turkey trot in Edmond. My first run since the Route 66 half marathon. It was a great come back run. 
I was kinda slow but that's ok. I need to rest up before I get back to speediness. 
I was a pirate after the run and I drank rum and ate crab legs. We call it "the pirates thanksgiving." 
Friday night, I enjoyed the thunder game and some knick butt kicking! It was an awesome game and everyone loved my hat! 
Saturday, I ran 4 miles and enjoyed the best breakfast burrito and pretty mocha. 
Then, I hopped on my cruiser bike and went to my personal mug at McNellies. 
Once we got home, the kitties decided to be super cute. 
Yes, Chomps is sitting on top of Kirby. This looks uncomfortable but they seemed happy. And right now, I'm at church hosting the online chat. Peopleschurch.tv 

Most of these photos were on my Instagram. Please friend me if you haven't already. Was that too many photos? I think not. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

#rt66run #halfmarathon

This is my prerace photo before heading out to Tulsa. I got downtown early and met up with a friend from runhers. It was her first half and my second. We were both very excited!

This was the starting line before everyone lined up. There was tons of confetti at the beginning! The music was blaring and we were waiting our turn. We were in corral D and it took 20 minutes for the first 3 corrals to get started. The weather was excellent! A light wind, tempuratures in the 50s to start and 60s at the finish.

We ran through old nieghborhoods with mansions and older homes. People cheered us the whole way and they had at least 4 bands throughout the course. There were plenty of portopotties and refueling stations. One of the houses was passing out Dixie cups of Coors light, which was awesomely refreshing. I got tons of comments and compliments on my turkey legs headband. Although some people thought it was chicken legs. Very few people remembered that thanksgiving is around the corner.

The night before, I ate at Savastranos and it did not disappoint. The hills in Tulsa slowed me down tremendously and I was not able to pr, which was a bummer. I'm happy to report that I did cross the finish line under the 3 hour mark and 5 seconds behind my friend. I was doing walk/run intervals and she likes to keep running the whole time. We split up at the first mile and I saw her right before the finish line. I sprinted to try and catch up to her and I just wasn't fast enough. I crossed back and forth across the streets so much that I logged more than 13.1 miles. 

I'll be taking a break from running and I'm hoping to learn the proper race walking technique. I've always wanted to find an Olympic sport that I could be good at and race walking sounds like fun. Thanks to all my friends for supporting me in my half marathon training! I'll be back at it in January. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Updates on half marathon training and goals

Today, I logged a total of 7 miles and it felt awesome. The half marathon is Sunday and I'm ready to rock! The weather is looking positive as well, which is crazy since it snowed Sunday (a week before!) 

Yeah that's me this past Sunday. I'm not a fan of cold weather. I'm thinking of doing a post on my neighborhood and actually it could be a series of posts. I'll be adding that to my list of goals. Also on my list is to run a whole marathon next year. I have friends and family in Anchorage and it would be so cool to run the midnight sun run. I just gotta find the time and money for plane tickets. Oh and train for it too. I actually think with proper training, any race is achievable,

My other goals are to get nutrition in check for my training and log my calories into myfitnesspal. One of my friends has actually logged over 600 days, which has inspired me to get to that level as well. So my blogging lacked a lot because of the snow. I'm a claims adjuster and I was oh so busy at the beginning of the week.

Wish me luck for Sunday!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Half marathon training

Happy Thursday friends! Today is my running day. I split my mileage into two runs. I just finished 3 miles in 41:38 and I'll do another 3.5 tonight!

Coop Ale sponsors tonights run and they have come out with cans. Before the run starts, everyone checks in and gets a ticket. The ticket is redeemed for a can at the finish. There have been times when I was too slow and they ran out of beer. That problem is now solved. Some people used to get refills but now it's limited to one can a runner. I'm pleased with the change. 

I have my final long run Saturday and then it will be time to taper before the race. I can't wait and I'm praying for good weather. This time of year is so unpredictable!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm a "no-reply" blogger because...

... I am lazy.
I have gone through the process to fix my account at least 6 times. Unfortunately, my account continually reverts back to the "no-reply". I never find out about it unless one of my blogger friends tell me.
I've given up and my workaround is to just leave my email in all my comments. That has worked well and I've actually gotten emails back from bloggers where I've commented.
If you're "no-reply" you could do the same as me. Or you could go back in and "fix" it once every other month. You're welcome to enjoy the random photos as well. I really can't have a post without something.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Home Tour Part I and Pumpkin Carving

My home greets you with a friendly hello and I think the pumpkins add a nice fall touch. A lot of the house is not finished yet, which is why this is only Part I. Here is the living room and it's fully decorated.

In the early evening we enjoy lots of natural light. Here is the bedroom with the glorious gold chevron paint. 

In the mornings, its so bright in our bedroom. I love all the natural light we get at this time of year.

The kitchen is great but there is a definite lack of a pantry. We will have to buy something. I want a butcher block kitchen island on wheels with storage underneath and a pantry or hutch.

The laundry room is functional with a space to fold clothes.

Finally the backyard is fantastic with two patios but we only use one of them.

I hope you enjoyed Part I of our home tour. Now here is some pumpkin carving from last night!

This is my pumpkin masterpiece. 

Somebody else is much better at pumpkin carving than I am.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday
I'm down to weighing about once a month and I did weigh in yesterday at 140.6. That's high for me but at the same time, my clothes are fitting the same. The scale has me nervous since its at the beginning of the holiday season. In light of this, I am taking a good look at my nutrition by logging it into myfitnesspal. I do think there's some corners I can cut. I think the biggest downfall for me is the weekends. Now that we have our house and we can walk to a bunch of awesome bars, I am drinking too many calories. I'm trying to decide how to better manage that, without quitting of course.
Here's my current training schedule for the next half marathon November 23rd:
Monday:Body Pump and playing the piano (piano practice burns some calories and I like to count it)
Tuesday:Run 4 easy miles in the morning and Yoga at night
Wednesday:Body Pump and playing the piano
Thursday:Run a total of 6 or 7 miles broken up into 2 runs morning and night
Friday:Elliptical for 60 minutes
Saturday:The long run and this week its 8 miles
Sorry for the random photos but I can't stand a post that has no pictures.