Saturday, May 2, 2015

McNellies Pub Run

The photos will do most of the talking. 
Pre-race jitters. Blue had the Guinness challenge, 3 beers in 4 miles and a 4th after the finish. 
The first stop was giving away free beer. I had to get in on that. 
This makes me think that I can handle the full Guinness challenge. Next year. 
Blue was pretty beat after all those beers and miles. 
After the run, we went to our favorite German beer hall, Fasslers for a snack and more beer. 
After the festivities we went home for TV and more beer. Haha! Next year I will do the full challenge. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Yup, I'm in the pink tutu. I've been thinking about running. I have a lot of fun and I love running with friends. I just wonder if I'm too slow or if I should focus on speed and pr's. 
My first half was my fastest time. The last half, I was having fun with all the people cheering and taking some pics. (I think I had some great pics for the blog.)
I don't know the right answer here. I want to pr but I'm more focused on having fun with friends. I'm not motivated to work on speed either. 
Enjoying the experience and friends is probably most important. Perhaps speed work come with time and practice. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Forward momentum list edition

Chomps is such a sweet kitty, he should be on the blog all the time.
1:I'm looking forward to Thursday because it's Pack Pint Run with Red Coyote.
2:I'm looking forward to Friday because it's the first Friday of the month and our neighborhood hosts a monthly art walk.
Art from Ryan Christopher Art.
3:I'm excited for Saturday because McNellies is hosting a pub run. 4 miles and a Guinness at the end. That should be a blast!
The last time we were there was St. Patrick's Saturday, according to my photo stream.
4:I'm excited for the Oklahoma Craft Beer Forum hosted by Red Earth Brewers on May 10th.
5:I'm so excited for the Oklahoma craft beer festival hosted by TapWerks on May 16th!
6:I'm looking forward to the Rolling Stones concert in Dallas on June 6th. We get a hotel too! A weekend away from my kitties is deserved from time to time.
They are not always that photogenic. Especially Kirby.
7:I'm excited to see Skub and my Alaska family for the wedding June 12th.
Skub has a mug. He just hasn't come here in ages to use it.
8:I'm excited for our Bahamas private island trip to Long Island and Little Deadman's Cay Labor Day weekend.
You can't beat this view. Stunning.
9:I'm excited for the Route 66 half marathon in November. We are getting jackets instead of shirts because it's the 20th anniversary!
Me last year. You know this is the Sunday before thanksgiving and it seems perfectly appropriate to bring out the drumstick headband. It had people so confused though. 
10:I'm so excited that we have booked our plane tickets and hotel for a Christmas trip to Paris. Timing is perfect and I only need to ask for 4 days off when factoring in the weekend and the holiday.
I wanted to find a cute Paris photo but got distracted by funny ecards. This was the funniest. Yes, I will drink wine. Hopefully lots of wine.