Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weigh in Wednesday

I made it to body pump and afterwards walked 1.5 miles. Then I weighed in at 145.2, which means I lost 0.2 pounds, which also means I'm essentially maintaining. I am kicking my butt into gear and I expect to say good bye to one pound. 
Other things I'm saying good bye to include, dairy. Not all dairy because some things are made with it but no more yogurt at breakfast and no more weekly shake. Sigh. 
I'm also going to cut back on beer. 
I'll be saving the good beer for Saturday only and the one post run beer on Thursday. I'll be drinking liquor and light beer Friday and Sunday. This plan should help me rein in the calories and lose weight. 
I clearly don't have a problem with hitting the gym. It's my lack of nutrition that causing me to gain weight. When will I learn that I must always be on top of nutrition? At this point, the answer is probably never. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

The struggle is real.

So I've gained back the 10 pounds that I was trying to lose but didn't lose all the way. Let's use real numbers here since that last sentence may not actually make sense. 
I had gotten to 145 and got it down to 137 and now I'm back at 145. I can't deal with 145 because that's too close to 150. People who are 5' 2" do not look healthy in the 150s. Sigh. 
Now to focus on nutrition because my workouts are just helping me to maintain and not lose. 
I've been posting my food (and my cats) on Instagram as a form of accountability. There's some great weight watcher accounts that I follow and maybe if I'm photographing my food prior to eating I'll do better. 
I'm considering banning dairy again. I love the 18 grams of protein in my Greek yogurt. Maybe dairy isn't my friend though. So this blog will continue to be another source of (frustration) accountability towards my goal of losing weight. Maybe I can get into the shorts before summer is over. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

I've been running and thinking about training for the Route 66 half marathon. It's in November so I have tons of time. 
I've been filling my Instagram with food and I wonder why I've gained weight. I'm at 145, which is too high. Cue the higher intensity at the gym and cutting snacks. 
I'll be getting rid of bananas. They've been mushy and gross. I can't deal with that. Maybe I need to cut the weekly shake too. 
Commitment can be hard at times. So happy Friday friends. I'll be drinking beer or something while I ponder the slow rise in my waste line.