Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Friday Friends!

Oh, how I love alliteration. Yesverymuchthankyou.
I'm pleased to annouce that I have organized a team for this year's Color Me Rad run in OKC! The team name is WE Flo Progressive because I'm organizing it for the office but my friends can join too! Please join me for a fun and colorful Sunday run on August 23rd!
The beer will be ready on July 11th. This will be a future post and I'm praying that the beer is good.
Happy 4th of July friends!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Thursday is a big running day for me. I run in the morning and the evening.  I saw the moon this morning. 
Pretty cool looking. I didn't count it all but it was about 2 miles. 
Almost made it to 5 miles. We had to cross the street to keep the sidewalk and we decided to turn around instead. I decided to walk that .77 so I could cool down. It was hot and at moments the sun was beating me up..
I called this "burger disguised in lettuce" on Instagram. I'm pretty funny (in my mind.) Tonight, we are expecting rain. Hopefully the weather will be clear for the weekend. I'm gonna go to sleep listening to thunder (or not sleep depending on how loud the thunder is.)

Happy Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Found it!

I went to Target to get a new Camelbak bottle and I found a Coke Zero with my name on it! I had to have it and then I started looking for more. There were none. Boo! I'm quite pleased with myself for two reasons: I found it and it's my favorite. (Technically, I like all the versions of Coke Zero.) I'm also pleased to find a Diet Coke with Ryan's name on it (cue anniversary photo next week.) Lastly, I found candy corn for Kristin's box. 
Ryan is way easy to find.
My newest hobby is sweaty selfies. I'm also sad to have not lost a pound but happy to have not gained a pound. I will continue to find what works for me.
Turns out a brand new bike requires a tune up. I'm quite on this but I brought it in yesterday. I do hope it will be ready by the weekend. I have zero plans for the holiday but I always manage to find fun. Do you have any holiday plans?