Thursday, November 20, 2014

Updates on half marathon training and goals

Today, I logged a total of 7 miles and it felt awesome. The half marathon is Sunday and I'm ready to rock! The weather is looking positive as well, which is crazy since it snowed Sunday (a week before!) 

Yeah that's me this past Sunday. I'm not a fan of cold weather. I'm thinking of doing a post on my neighborhood and actually it could be a series of posts. I'll be adding that to my list of goals. Also on my list is to run a whole marathon next year. I have friends and family in Anchorage and it would be so cool to run the midnight sun run. I just gotta find the time and money for plane tickets. Oh and train for it too. I actually think with proper training, any race is achievable,

My other goals are to get nutrition in check for my training and log my calories into myfitnesspal. One of my friends has actually logged over 600 days, which has inspired me to get to that level as well. So my blogging lacked a lot because of the snow. I'm a claims adjuster and I was oh so busy at the beginning of the week.

Wish me luck for Sunday!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Half marathon training

Happy Thursday friends! Today is my running day. I split my mileage into two runs. I just finished 3 miles in 41:38 and I'll do another 3.5 tonight!

Coop Ale sponsors tonights run and they have come out with cans. Before the run starts, everyone checks in and gets a ticket. The ticket is redeemed for a can at the finish. There have been times when I was too slow and they ran out of beer. That problem is now solved. Some people used to get refills but now it's limited to one can a runner. I'm pleased with the change. 

I have my final long run Saturday and then it will be time to taper before the race. I can't wait and I'm praying for good weather. This time of year is so unpredictable!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm a "no-reply" blogger because...

... I am lazy.
I have gone through the process to fix my account at least 6 times. Unfortunately, my account continually reverts back to the "no-reply". I never find out about it unless one of my blogger friends tell me.
I've given up and my workaround is to just leave my email in all my comments. That has worked well and I've actually gotten emails back from bloggers where I've commented.
If you're "no-reply" you could do the same as me. Or you could go back in and "fix" it once every other month. You're welcome to enjoy the random photos as well. I really can't have a post without something.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Home Tour Part I and Pumpkin Carving

My home greets you with a friendly hello and I think the pumpkins add a nice fall touch. A lot of the house is not finished yet, which is why this is only Part I. Here is the living room and it's fully decorated.

In the early evening we enjoy lots of natural light. Here is the bedroom with the glorious gold chevron paint. 

In the mornings, its so bright in our bedroom. I love all the natural light we get at this time of year.

The kitchen is great but there is a definite lack of a pantry. We will have to buy something. I want a butcher block kitchen island on wheels with storage underneath and a pantry or hutch.

The laundry room is functional with a space to fold clothes.

Finally the backyard is fantastic with two patios but we only use one of them.

I hope you enjoyed Part I of our home tour. Now here is some pumpkin carving from last night!

This is my pumpkin masterpiece. 

Somebody else is much better at pumpkin carving than I am.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday
I'm down to weighing about once a month and I did weigh in yesterday at 140.6. That's high for me but at the same time, my clothes are fitting the same. The scale has me nervous since its at the beginning of the holiday season. In light of this, I am taking a good look at my nutrition by logging it into myfitnesspal. I do think there's some corners I can cut. I think the biggest downfall for me is the weekends. Now that we have our house and we can walk to a bunch of awesome bars, I am drinking too many calories. I'm trying to decide how to better manage that, without quitting of course.
Here's my current training schedule for the next half marathon November 23rd:
Monday:Body Pump and playing the piano (piano practice burns some calories and I like to count it)
Tuesday:Run 4 easy miles in the morning and Yoga at night
Wednesday:Body Pump and playing the piano
Thursday:Run a total of 6 or 7 miles broken up into 2 runs morning and night
Friday:Elliptical for 60 minutes
Saturday:The long run and this week its 8 miles
Sorry for the random photos but I can't stand a post that has no pictures.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Half marathon training and the backyard

My carb of choice is pizza before my long runs. Last weekend was 7 miles and my pace was around 12:23. I managed to pick up speed after the halfway point. Maybe because of the gu chomps. 

For this half, my training won't be as intense because I'm building back up from my last training schedule. My longest run will be 10 miles before I do the taper runs. 

Here's our back patio with the fire pit and picnic table. We had a great bonfire Saturday night! This is my first house with my husband and I'll never go back to apartment living (unless I end up in NYC). 

I will need to blog more about my training, nutrition and of course my cute house. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Half marathon training

My first run in the brand new shoes was spectacular. It's amazing how new shoes feel worlds different from worn out tired running shoes. 

I ran 4 miles Tuesday and today I'll be running a combined 6 miles. Saturdays I will add a mile until it's time to taper for the next half marathon. It's 7 miles this Saturday and I think my longest run will be 10 miles. 

Another milestone to celebrate is that I've run over 900 miles since regularly using the nike app. I started getting to it last November. There's no doubt that I'm runner now. 

I absolutely love the color of these shoes! And I must share a photo of Chomps. 

He was cold and we bundled him in this blanket. What a cutie!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The journey, #halfmarathontraining

I had another picture in mind but this will do. Apparently the photo stream doesn't feel all photos belong. 

Just like losing weight, I've discovered that running is a journey that never ends. I will always find another goal and another race. I can cross the finish line, recover, and get back out there. As long as I take care of my body, I can keep running. Besides running, there's also walking, which is am equally a big fan of. 

I've also recently discovered that my weight loss goals have morphed into training goals. I need good nutrition to fuel long runs. The scale has not been kind to me but my clothes remind me that things aren't so bad. I fit into my current 6s and 8s. I remember the days of 12s and 10s. If I think about it, I high school I was 16/18. Thankfully, I chose a different healthier path.

While my goals have shifted, the journey does not end. I just have to remember to celebrate my successes. Tonight was my first run back at it and it felt great! Saturday is looking to be soggy in Oklahoma City. Bring it weather, I'll be ready.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Spirit of Survival half marathon

We were all smiles at the beginning of the race and decked out in our cute costumes. The weather was stunning! While it was chilly at the start, it was not unbearable. I even caught some sunrise photos!

The race had a super hero theme and we ran in tutus, pink capes with silver lightening bolts and lightening bolts on our shoes. 

We chatted and ran and tried to do the negative splits. Unfortunately, we started out too fast and didn't actually complete negative splits. One mile was 11:20 after the halfway point. I had so much energy and turned into a chatterbox. Brittany was quite the trooper. At mile 11 she was done running and told me to get to the finish line. 

I took off running and stopped twice for water and Swedish fish. At the finish line, I saw a group of 4 runners and I decided it was time to kick it into high gear. I started sprinting towards the finish and I heard one of the guys yell out, "hey, slow down!" I wasn't slowing down and crossed the finish line at 2:48. First half is under 3 hours! Now it's time to beat that record. I've been resting this week but plan to get bak out there on Saturday. The next half is November 23 I Tulsa. Route 66 half marathon, I'm eyeing the prize!

I demolished a massive burger for lunch after the race. 
And bonus, it was free because they forgot my hatred of jalapeƱos. Score!